Get a FREE vending machine at absolutely no charge!

We can offer this service free of charge as we cover all our overheads from the sales of products out of the machines. This means we offer exceptional service because it is important to us that products are delivered fresh and everytime when patrons support us.


Our machines are configured to accept coins and cashless payments for convenience. Our backend data management system monitors every transaction and also notifies us immediately of any errors, low stock or maintenance issues so that we can attend to them quickly and effieciently.

We maintain a regular service route to keep the machines fully stocked however if machines run empty before the next service round we slot them in the schedule to be filled up.

vending machines

Benefits of having a workplace vending machine

  • Staff satisfaction
  • Higher staff production
  • No cost to you
  • Customer support

When you order your machine we will discuss the best option for your location and arrange delivery. We ask that an agreement be signed between the parties so that each party understand the commitment. Items such ownership of machine and responsible party for stocking and so forth are detailed in the agreement. Remember we want your business and are prepared to work for it by placing, servicing and maintaining the vending at your location.

We enjoy building lasting relationships with all our customers, so give us a call today and speak to our friendly staff about a vending machine. Lets feed your staff!

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