Get a vending machine at absolutely no charge!

If you are reading this you are considering a vending machine for your workplace in Perth, you want to know a bit more or trying to find out if there are costs involved. Ok, so as you have read up top, our vending machines comes without costs to you, except for the small amount of electricity required to run the machine(average cost of running a domestic fridge). The rest of the costs such as maintenance, filling, credit card surcharges and so forth are covered by us.


Firstvend is a small local business situated in the nothern suburbs of Perth, so when you contact us you will be speaking to someone right here in Perth and not the Eastern states. We service North Perth and South Perth. Give us a fair go, we will give your a straight answer on any queries you might have and if you feel we are not the right fit for you at the end of the day, at least we had a good old chat and a few laughs.

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Call us to discuss your vending machine.

The difference between us and them

  • Regular refilling & stocking
  • Personal product choice
  • Experienced, licensed technicians
  • Owned & operated in WA
  • No surcharges for card payments

When you order your machine we will discuss the best option for your location and arrange delivery. We ask that an agreement be signed between the parties so that each party understand the commitment. Items such ownership of machine and responsible party for stocking and so forth are detailed in the agreement. Remember we want your business and are prepared to work for it by placing, servicing and maintaining the vending at your location.

We enjoy building lasting relationships with all our customers, so give us a call today and speak to our friendly staff about a vending machine. Lets feed your staff!

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